You can enter your club's events in the OCNDB quickly and easily. This allows you to:
  • do event registration
  • post results
  • post course maps
  • expose your event to other clubs


You can keep track of your club's maps in the OCNDB. You cann define each map, including scale, mapping standard, and attributes such as date created, last updated, etc . You can also upload images of the map and specify the map location. The map can be linked to events so that competitors can see the image and see where the map is located. There is also an overview that shows the location of all the club's maps.


Clubs are strongly encouraged to track Officials' certification levels in the OCNDB. This information is useful in many ways, including tracking numbers of qualified officials, recording pre-requisites for official certification, and identifying qualified officials for major events.


This page show how you can incorporate the information from the database into your club's website.


Here you can see basic reporting on club information such as participation counts and officials lists, along with examples of "widgets" you can include in you club's website (see below for more info).


Use this page to seet up other users who will be allowed to enter and make changes to your club's information.