Map: Nakkertok South

The focus of this week's training session is on exploring the differences between flatter more subtle terrain and steeper more detailed terrain where features are more obvious.  We will start with a discussion of some of the different techniques you need for each type of terrain and various things to keep in mind when switching between the two.  We will then run two loops, one along a steep hillside with lots of detail, and another in flatter blander forest.  We will discuss in between what was needed to do well on the first loop and what you should change to do the second loop.  For those that want more orienteering there will be a third loop that mixes both the steep and flat terrain where you can practice switching between the two.  As always we will wrap up with a discussion about how this went and what you might practice to further improve these skills.

Meet in the Nakkertok South parking lot at 6:30 for discussion. We will be heading out on course around 7:00.



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