Map: Cedarview West

Meet Director: Francis Kawam;  Controller: Bert Waslander

For Novice and Intermediate Orienteers: typical Sunday novice and intermediate courses will be offered.  See description of course lengths for typical Fall Series meet below.

For Advanced and Intermediate Orienteers:  a new challenge!  Time-O!

A “Time-O” is an orienteering event similar in structure to a score-o with the added feature of having time restrictions for each control point. This year’s “Westpoint A meet” included one of these in its line up (details can be found at the link below )

Our Orienteering Ottawa event will be similar in structure. There will be a mass start at as is the case for our standard score-o events but runners will need to use SI dibblers to indicate that they have visited controls. Mass start will be at 11:00 am.  Participants will have to visit controls that have an associated time stamp: this indicates the time interval (in minutes from the start) for which the control can be visited for scoring purposes. If a control is visited within the time range one point is scored.

If the control is punched outside of that time range no point is scored (nor is any penalty assessed).

Seems simple enough? Well, there are two added challenges:

everyone must be finished within 1.5 hours: all points scored are forfeited for those that arrive beyond 90 minute time limit

the finish control cannot be visited before the 30 minute mark.

There will also be an added “control pick-up” bonus. If a person arrives at the finish before the time limit (before the 90 minute mark), they may chose to “sign up” to pick up a control for which the time limit has expired. A point is scored for each control returned in the event time limit. The mechanics of this will be discussed at the start but only the person assigned to pick up a designated control will be able to score points in this manner. Of course this comes with a risk…if the person does not return with the control in the 90 minute time limit, all points scored are forfeit.

The Cedarview map is very flat containing many trails and open areas. The control sites are generally of an intermediate level so the challenge will be to design a route that will maximize the number of scoring controls visited.

As this is a debut for this sort of event the normal solstice score-o handicaps will not be in place nor will any time be given to preview the map prior to the start. All route planning must take place within the 90 minute period.

Each finisher will have to print out two time strips: one for themselves and one for the tabulation of results. The final results will be done by hand so they might take a little longer than normal to process and post on the website..



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