Map: Nakkertok South

Meet Director: Bill Anderson

Feb. 25th Note:

Hi O-folks,

Gloria, Linda C. and I were up at Nakkertok yesterday checking out the trails for the ski-O. The conditions were fantastic.

In order to give you the widest selection of courses, we will be setting controls on some of the classic-only trails in the north end. Skating on those trails will mess up the new classic tracks.

So, we will designate the event as a Classic Technique Ski-orienteering event. The snow conditions are so good that waxing will be easy.

Cheers, Bill Anderson

Meet Director

The trail conditions are perfect and I think it will warm up a bit. Smile Registration starts at 9:30 and the first skiers will start soon after that. That’s a bit earlier than most O-events because we can only hog the chalet in the morning. In the afternoon, the Nakkertok ski programs start, including the Adventure kids who will be orienteering on the same courses.

There will be 4K, 6K, and 10K courses and there are more than a kilometre of new trails to discover. Plus a few cut-throughs.

Sticker Shock! We must all pay a (discounted) trail fee at Nakkertok that has been slowly increasing over the last few years. This year, the regular adult trail fee is $14. The grooming there is superb and they have to recover the costs of the equipment and seasonal staff. We also will have to pay a much higher levy to Orienteering Quebec/Orienteering Canada this year.

So the event fees for non-Nakkertok members will be $18 for Senior, $11 for junior (under 21), and $40 for a family.

Nakkertok member fees will be $8-$5-$16. Bring a lunch and enjoy the trails again in the afternoon.



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