Organizer: Jennie Anderson (Event Director)

Map: Pré Tunney's Pasture

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Our first event, next week, Thursday July 14th, will be held in the Wellington West/Tunney's Pasture neighbourhood where there is a mix of urban and light forest running. Registration is available from 6:00-6:30pm and the courses are open from 6:30 to 9:00pm. Meet us at The Royal Oak at 1217 Wellington West where the event starts and finishes.

There will be 3 courses to choose from: Novice, Long Novice, Advanced. Each course this week includes a fair bit of sidewalk, pathway running. Please be courteous to those you pass by, even if you're treating this event as a race. Make sure you look up from your map when near or crossing roads.

These events are designed for everyone - whether you'd like to walk and focus on improving your navigation skills, or challenge your race skills against your friends and club-mates. Regular meet fees apply, unless you're a Season's Pass holder. No pre-registration required. If you are not a Season Pass holder, please print and bring the registration form with you.

Email Jennie at if you have any questions.



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