Map: Pré Tunney's Pasture

This is the second technical (navigation) training session of the spring season

Parking and meeting point: West end of Colombine Driveway (in the NW corner of Tunney's Pasture)

Training: The training exercise is all about control descriptions.

For the advanced group there will be a green pin flag and one or more orange pinflags in each control circle. The green pinflag will be in the correct location according to the control descriptions and the orange pin flags will be in similar but incorrect locations. A trick to make it really challenging (and more importantly to force you to read the control descriptions): The correct location will not necessarily be in the centre of the control circle! There will be multiple loops

For the intermediate group there will be a series of loops with controls designed to get you to read and learn your control descriptions. The final loop will have no map in the inside of the control circle so you will have to find the flag (pin flag) by reading and understanding the control descriptions.

The train to train program will use a combination of the advanced and intermediate exercises.

A reminder to please e-mail Jeff Teutsch at by noon on Thursday to reserve a map. We do not guarantee maps for those that don't send an e-mail but will have extra maps this weeks as this is the first training session of the spring season.



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