Map: Cedarview West

Meet Director : Krisztina Cormier ; Controller : Richard Guttormson

Look for the club banner in the end of the gravel parking lot at the Bell Centennial Arena, behind Bell High School. (Bruin Ln off Cassidy Rd, ) (See the map below).

If you are new (1st or 2nd year) to orienteering or will be running with children, plan to arrive early enough to register and then join in on a special mini-clinic where you will get some inside information about the evening's event.


6 pm Registration
6:20 - 6:35 mini-clinic
6:40 all participants will be gathereed for instructions
6:45 mass start
7:45 finish (or 1 hour after the actual start.) - Be sure to bring a watch.

Establish your handicap online now and read the SS page for a full understanding of the new handicap structure (especially for teams) and of some new specifics about the map.

Note: There is poison ivy in the park. We have placed the controls in such a way as to reduce the likelihood of encountering poison ivy but there is always a chance, so please be sure to read our safety page carefully.



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