Organizers: Jeff Teutsch (Coach), Stefan Bergstrom (Coach)

Map: Carleton University

Parking and meeting point: We will park and meet in the Brewer Park ball diamonds parking lot south of the ball diamonds. Turn right as soon as you turn into Brewer Park from Bronson Ave.

Training: This training will be designed to focus on complex sprint route choices.

There will be a few loops with mostly complex route choices through the university campus. The exercise is designed to be done in pairs (as follows) but those that want can run the courses on their own if they prefer. For those doing the exercise in pairs, the idea is to leave each control at the same time and not run the exact same route on any legs. You should take the time to look at the route choice options before leaving the control and then start without discussing which route choice you will each take. Somewhere along the way one of you must break away to choose a different a different route for at least part of the leg - this will require keeping track of where you can split off from the best route if you both start off along the same route. This exercise is best done with someone of similar speed.

HPP and Train to Train program athletes will start with a group warm-up that anyone is welcome to join.

A reminder to please e-mail Jeff Teutsch at by noon on Thursday to reserve a map. We do not guarantee maps for those that don't send an e-mail



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