Map: Nakkertok South

Meet Director & Controller: Marketa and Robbie Graham

We are very happy to be hosting our first meet of the year at Nakkertok South. The event will be following Orienteering Canada’s COVID-19 procedures and public health guidelines to keep everyone safe.

From the Course Setters:

Nakkertok’s terrain is lovely, deciduous forest which is fairly open offering good runability with a dense trail network adding many extra route choice options. Some areas contain intricate combination of knolls, cliffs, and boulders adding an extra challenge. Be aware of various indistinct trails that are used as snowshoe trails in the winter but are less visible in the summer. These are not mapped.

Here are the courses we will offer (subject to slight change):






1.6 km

35 m



2.0 km

65 m


Short Advanced

3.0 km

135 m


Long Advanced

5.2 km

155 m


Location: Nakkertok Ski Club; 500 Gatineau Ave. , Take exit La Verendrye, turn left then right and follow ~ 4km. At the corner go straight on dirt road for ~200 m.

Please Read all important COVIS-19 notes below:

  • The chalet will be closed but Orienteering Ottawa tents will be set up outside as usual.
  • Toilets are to be used for emergency only (your discretion to judge what "emergency" means -:) )
  • The start will be located about 80 m west of the check-in tent and the finish 110 m to the east, in order to keep everyone spaced out. Refer to the attached map snippet. Additionally, all courses start in and finish from different directions
  • There is no finish chute/marking, all courses must navigate from the last control to the finish.
  • See additional notes below for procedures for all our Fall events.



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