Organizers: Stefan Bergstrom (Coach), Tomas Graham (Coach)

Map: Carleton University


Pre-registration is required and costs $10 per session or is free with the purchase of a summer pass (but pre-registration is still required). In order to guarantee that you get a freshly printed map please register by noon on Thursday. We will do our best to accommodate those that register Thursday afternoon by sharing maps.

Register now (please don't worry about the listed practice date - we know it is wrong)

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Parking and meeting point:

We will meet by the ball diamond parking lot at the south end of Brewer Park and then head over to the university. If driving from Bronson turn an immediate right after turning onto Brewer Way (at the lights into the park) to get to the parking lot. See google maps here.

Practice details:

This practice will focus on complex urban style orienteering. Different groups will be doing slightly different activities:

Intermediate group - this group will spend the session going through the important sprint orienteering techniques - knowing some of those rarer urban sprint symbols, taking the time to find a good route, reading control descriptions, and keeping your head up.

Advanced and Train to Train groups - these groups will being doing o-tervals (orienteering course intervals) with complex sprint route choice legs. You can run these intervals fast or simply do them at a steady pace but with intense focus. Pair yourself up with another orienteer of similar speed or do it in a small group and pick different route choices so you can compare afterwards! Start each interval at the same time as the others in your group.

Team Canada athletes - Team Canada athletes will be running o-tervals (orienteering course intervals) with a pursuit start. Courses will include extremely challenging route choices.



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