Organizers: Stefan Bergstrom (Course Planner), Tomas Graham (Controller)

Map: Jeanne D'Arc North

Please note that the location for this meet has changed, and will now be hosted at Carine Wilson Secondary School - 975 Orléans Blvd, Orleans, ON K1C 2Z5

Course planner: Stefan Bergstrom Controller: Tomas Graham


Please note that the location has changed for the Summer Sprint on Tuesday July 27 to Cairine Wilson Secondary School, 975 Orléans Blvd, Orleans, ON K1C 2Z5.

The courses are mostly on grassy parkland, trails, residential streets and a bit of forest. A few controls are placed in the forest. The courses crosses a busy cycling and walking pathway that travers the map east to west (just north of the start triangle). Please be careful when crossing the pathway as cyclists can come with speed.

Note that pre-registration is mandatory. To register you will need to be signed in on the club’s website, then go to the Tuesday evening event registration page.


  • Check in: 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm (Please arrive only within 10 min. of your designated time)
  • First Start: 6:00 pm
    • Start Interval: 30 sec.
  • Last Start: 7:00 pm
  • Course Closed: 8:00 pm


  • Short: 2.1 km | 13 controls
  • Long: 3.4 km | 20 controls

About the map

  • Scale: 1:5,000
  • Contour interval: 2m
  • Mapped by Stefan Bergstrom in July 2021
  • Special map symbols:
    • X marks signs, play structures, and community mail boxes
    • ▪ marks hydro boxes

Please remember the sprint rules about Forbidden-to-cross map symbols;

  • Private property and flower beds (olive green on the map)
  • Out-of-Bounds areas (purple hatch on the map)
  • Fences, walls, and cliffs (thick black lines on the map)
  • Dark green vegetation
  • Dark blue water


Stefan Bergstrom



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