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Map: Frank Ryan Park

OOC Training Frank Ryan Park / Transitway-Queensview Terrace North

- Errol, Jeff, Laura, Jennie, Nic, Lynda, Laurie (first time), Stefan, Alex, Robbie, Marketa, Brian, myself (coaching)

going over loops, 200 m strides
-  3km line-o multiple terrains, working on transitions again...6 hidden controls on loop to be spotted and recorded mentally, mimicing first 7 controls of a middle-o race
Short Intervals in Elmhurst Woods.....sample "results"...not all shown technical glitch Errol 15:54, Nic 13:30, Laura 19:53, Stefan 17:51, Alex 15:00, Laurie with Linda
- 250 forest -30s rec-250 trail - jog ~150 rec
- 500 forest first then trail - jog ~150 rec
- 250 trail -30s rec-250 forest - jog ~150 rec
-  2 person o-relay, 3 controls per leg/runner
Kawam control pick up...Thanks all...

Thanks to Lynda and Laurie who for went the relay to pick up line-o controls



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