Map: Cité des Jeunes

Meet Director: Mykyta Chubynsky, Controller: Bert Waslander

Hello orienteers,

This is a reminder that there will be a B-meet at Cité des Jeunes on Sunday, May 22. The start location will be near Relais plein air on boul. de la Cité-des-Jeunes in Gatineau; a map with the location can be found at

As usual, registration is from 10 to 11 am and you can start at any time between 10:30 and 11:30.

The forest is still mostly relatively open and runnable. There are a lot of trillium flowers in bloom in many places, so it's very beautiful, too. There will be four courses:

Novice: 15 controls, 2.6 km, 60 m climb;

Intermediate: 13 controls, 3.8 km, 100 m climb;

Short Advanced: 15 controls, 4.2 km, 120 m climb;

Long Advanced: 20 controls, 6.8 km, 190 m climb.

There will be water on the courses (except novice). The start and the finish are the same for all courses and both are pretty close to the parking.

Here are a few notes on the map and the courses:
1. The map is based on the one used for the November 2014 event, with a few corrections/updates and a small area added in the north (based on lidar contours, an old orienteering map, the rogaine map, and some fieldchecking). The scale is 1:10000. The contour interval is 3 m; the contours are lidar-based and generally should be reliable. Trails and rock features are mostly OK, too, but some may be missing. Vegetation is less accurate and should not be trusted for navigation (but there are plenty of other features for that).

2. Some of the official snowshoe trails may be somewhat indistinct on the ground, but since they are marked by large signs, they are normally shown as distinct on the map.

3. A part of the novice course uses a trail that is fun to run/walk on, but quite rocky and steep in a few places. Keep this in mind when considering sending small kids on the novice course on their own.

4. Some controls that are marked as being at the top/foot of a cliff may be at the top/foot of the slope the cliff is on.

5. You may encounter mountain bikers who may use even the smallest and steepest trails (some unmapped) and appear suddenly out of nowhere. Be alert and prepared.

6. All participants must report back to the finish by 2pm.

Good luck and have fun!




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