Map: Cedarview West

Summer Solstice Series Opener: June 7,2016 D.A. Moodie Intermediate School

Map: Cedarview West

Start: D.A. Moodie Intermediate School,595 Moodie Drive.

Meet Director: Francis Kawam, Controller: Linda Connell

Come out and join us for the Solstice Series opener with a new twist on the Cedarview West map.

There will be a 1 hour time limit and 30 SI controls set for this event. There are a variety of controls at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level. All of the controls are set in the terrain so there will be a minimum of street running.

The area is heavily trailed with many open and semi open woods and fields. There are swampy areas on the map so bug spray may be a good idea. Although the terrain is relatively flat the distribution of the controls will prove to be quite a challenge for everyone to clear their maps within the time limit and avoid penalties. (Please review the scoring on the Summer Solstice page.)

Parking will be available at DA Moodie Intermediate School. Additional parking is available on Moodie Drive and on neighbouring streets.

Please arrive as promptly as possible. Registration will close at 6:40 to allow registrars to be attend to the 6:45 meeting and map distribution prior to the mass start.

Please remember to help us out by completing the online handicap calculation form on the Summer Solstice page. This will save our volunteers from having to enter the information. Remember your handicap. You will subtract that number from the total number of controls, then see if you can find a way to get that many controls within time limit. For example, if 30 controls are set for an evening’s event, someone with a handicap of 4 will only have to find 26 controls within the allotted time. Please do this well in advance of the first solstice meet you attend. It will make registration and scoring much easier and aid in picking your best route for the evening



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