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Our Basics & Beyond program is a 6 week Tuesday evening program (6:30-7:30) for adults that will teach you the basics of orienteering and then move beyond that to guide you through the first skills required to comfortably complete novice and intermediate level orienteering courses. This is a skills course - while there can be a large physical component to orienteering we do not touch on that at all. In other words, you may run, walk, hop, skip... at whichever speed you wish! Over the course of the six weeks we will go over the following skills and more:

  • Basic map reading skills
  • Understanding a standard orienteering legend
  • Keeping your map oriented using terrain features and your compass
  • Route choice and navigation systems

Each evening will consist of a combination of instructions from your coach, independent learning, and a chance to practice the new skill at hand.



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