Organizer: Jennie Anderson (Event Director)

Map: Walter Baker Park

Vampire Coordinator - Jennie Anderson (

Vampire Orienteering Event

Walter Baker Park, Kanata ON

Saturday, November 5th, 2016

Registration: 5:00pm - Start: 6:00pm

45 minute Score-O format

Everyone, big kids and little kids, are invited to the Vampire-O at Walter Baker Park. The objective of the Vampire-O is to find as many control locations in the parks using a map, compass, headlamp/flashlight, and a punch card to record the controls that you have found.

But beware, there are Vampires** lurking in the shadows waiting to “Vamp you” and take away your punch card and all your hard-earned points... plus you become the Vampire!

There is protection from the Vampires. Orienteers who find The Cross, The Holy Water, or The Garlic Chain, and are carrying one of the items with them are protected from the Vampires.

The Vampire-O can be done as an individual or in teams. Teams must stay within 5 metres of each other during the event. The individual or team with the most points wins the event.


Format: This is a "Score-O" format event. That means you may visit the controls in any order.

But, be sure to punch in the correct box: the one that matches the control number. Numbers, codes and descriptions are printed on the map.

Points: You get 10 points for each correct punch on the control card you bring to the finish.

Time limit: There is a 45 minute time limit to return to the finish. If you take over 45 minutes, you lose 10 points for each minute or part of a minute overtime. We will sound the horn when time expires. Vampires may continue to lurk outside the "safe zone" while orienteers remain out.

Trick Controls: One or more controls may be tricks. A trick control has no punch and will be indicated as so at the control. It is worth zero points.

Treat Controls: One or more controls may be worth double points (20 instead of 10).

Maps: All participants will line up about 5 minutes before the start and have a map put face down in front of them. When the meet director yells “Go”, then you may look at your map.

Both orienteers and vampires get a map.

Start Procedures: Everyone will line up on the start line and hold one hand behind his/her back. The meet director will place a punch card in your hand. When he/she yells "Go", look at your card. If it is a standard punch card, you may pick up your map and begin orienteering immediately. If it says "Vampire" on it, wait at the line. The meet director will then issue you your special Vampire laser. Vampires will be allowed to leave the start exactly 5 minutes after the mass start.

Tagging: Vampires try to tag orienteers with the red beam from their Vampire laser. Be fair and honest in claiming and admitting to tags. If there is doubt, Vampire calls it. A good tag should be no more than 20 meters (60 feet). When tagged, the Vampire takes the victim's control card and gives victim the Vampire flashlight. The victim is now the new Vampire; the former Vampire is now an ordinary orienteer. The new Vampire may not tag the person who just made him/her a Vampire.

Out of Bounds: All of the controls are located within the park boundaries. Participants must stay in the park at all times. They will be clearly marked on the map.

Safe zone: The Start/Finish is marked with barricade tape and glowing decorations. Vampires may not enter (or shine their light into) this zone.

Immunity from Vampires: If any of the following items are found in the woods, they may be carried as protection from Vampires. Vampires may not tag an orienteer carrying a valid protection. If a Vampire finds an untended protection, he/she may not touch or move it. All of these protections have some small red reflectors and a tag that says “orienteering marker”. Solo orienteers may set their protection on the ground while punching, but must remain within 2 metres to be protected. The protection may not be stolen while the orienteer is punching. If you are orienteering in a group, one group member must hold the protection at all times and all group members must stay within 5 metres to be protected. If you decide to discard a protection that you have been carrying, please leave it at a control and notify the meet director once you finish.

The Cross: Made of lumber, 2 metres tall.

Holy Water: A sealed 10 litre jug of water. Void if opened or punctured.

Garlic Chain: A large steel chain about 3 metres long.

**Please note, there are no orienteers in Vampire (or other) costume attempting to scare you in the woods! This is a family-friendly event!



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