Map: Cité des Jeunes

Meet Directors/Controllers Mark Gibbard and Anita Brattland

Our event this Sunday Oct. 15th will be at Cité-des-jeunes at the southern end of Gatineau Park, an area of lovely forest with many intriguing small hills.

This year, we will use a new start and finish location at the Asticou Centre. Drive around and park at the rear (west side) of the Asticou buildings.

Asticou Centre, 241 Boulevard de la Cité-des-Jeunes, Gatineau

Four courses will be on offer:

• Novice – 2.7 km, 12 controls, map scale 1:7 500 with 3m contours.

• Intermediate – 3.2 km, 13 controls, map scale 1:7500 with 3m contours.

• Short Advanced – 4.1 km, 17 controls, map scale 1:7500 with 3m contours.

• Long Advanced – 5.6 km, 18 controls, map scale 1:10 000 with 3m contours.

The map is based on the 2015 Spring Rogaine map (3m contours) with some minor trail updates. Please be aware that much of the rock detail on the south side of the parkway has never been mapped, but the 3m lidar contours do provide very good terrain detail.

Road Crossings! Due to the fall colours, the Gatineau Parkway might have more traffic than usual. The Novice course does not cross the Gatineau Parkway, but the other three courses must cross it twice! For the Intermediate and Short-Advanced courses, both road crossings will have one control on either side of the road. Your time to cross the road between these two controls will be removed from your total time. So relax, take a breather and then cross the road with great care, only when there is a convenient break in the traffic– you are “off the clock” while crossing!

Registration is from 10:00 - 11:00 with starts from 10:15 - 11:30. All participants MUST report to the finish by 2:00 pm to allow time for control pick-up.

The fall colours will be glorious this weekend! We hope you will join us.

Mark Gibbard & Anita Brattland



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