Organizer: Jeff Teutsch (Coach)

This coaching workshop, led by program coordinator Jeff Teutsch, is designed for coaches and volunteers with any of our youth or adult programs. If you will be coaching with one of our programs or think you may enjoy doing so in the future we strongly encourage you to sign up (it's free!).

The workshop will take place from 9 am until noon on Saturday March 3rd with a 15 minute break in the middle. The location is still to be determined.

The session will have a mix of lecture style presentation about our new program structure and some of the policies and procedures we have put in place and two breakout exercises / workshop discussions.

To sign up please e-mail Jeff Teutsch at

Preliminary Schedule:

  • The LTAD and our programs (changes from 2017) (20 min)
  • General procedures (sign in sign out, lesson plan distribution, etc.) (20 min)
  • Working with parent volunteers (10 min)
  • Marshalling courses and activities (10 min)
  • Warm-ups and Cool downs (5 min)
  • Working with kids at the various LTAD stages (30 min)
    • Include a breakout exercise here - this could be indoor or outdoor


  • Our program policies - safety and behaviour policies in particular (20 min)
  • Coach / volunteer screening (10 min)
  • Thinking about your coaching philosophy (10 min)
    • Coaching philosophy workshop discussion (30 min)


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