Saturday and Sunday at the Ottawa OFest we are offering traditional novice and intermediate courses with day-of registration on both Saturday afternoon in Orleans and Sunday morning in Larose Forest (further east). You can do either course as an individual or a family. For details of OFest see

Sunday July 21st - Larose Forest, Limoges day-of registration details:

Sunday's courses take place on another new map in another beautiful newly discovered forest. This particular forest is generally quite flat with the exception of some very steep ravines splitting the area. There are lots of mountain bike, equestrian, and other trails throughout the area which make it perfect for orienteering.

Parking, the finish, and the registration area are all at Larose Forest P1.

The walk to the start for both courses is 600m along Indian Creek Road.

Novice - 2.1 km, 12 controls
Intermediate - 3.2 km, 10 controls

You can start either course any time between 10:30 and 11:30 and registration will be open from 9:30.

Mark Gibbard and Richard Guttormson



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