"Back to School" - Score-O

For a change the Fall season opener will be a mass start score-o on a developing new map in the Bel-Air park area of Ottawa’s west end. The area is populated by several parks, natural areas and schools...hence the name.

Class options:

Short (15): a score-o where participants will search for only 15 of the 25 controls.

Middle (20): a score-o where participants will search for only 20 of the 25 controls.

Long (25): a score-o where participants will attempt to clear the map and find all of the 25 controls.

We will have individual starts throughout our standard start window (10:30 - 11:30). All course options will have a maximum time 90 minutes. The event is a weighted score-o where the value of each control is the equal to that of the control number. The object is to obtain the best possible score for your class in the shortest time. There will be no penalties or bonuses ascribed for late/early arrivals.

Although the map is in an urban setting crossing many parks and schools there are terrain components. Three warnings of note for this area:

(1) Be very cautious running along the suburban streets. Many but not all sidewalks are shown on the map. Please use these for running and exercise caution at crossing streets (preferably at cross-walks only)

(2) A heavily used bike path runs through the map. Please exercise caution running along and crossing the path. Do not assume that cyclists will yield to you.

(3) Most of the terrain elements traverse tall grass areas. Please choose appropriate attire. As usual, you may encounter ticks, poison ivy or wild parsnip in Ottawa terrain. Of these wild parsnip is the most likely in the area but control sites are selected to avoid exposure.

The map will be printed at 1:7500 on letter two letter sized sheets back-to-back in the map case. As a legend notable, a black ring will denote a community mailbox.

Event Schedule:

Registration/Start –Finish Area: Bel-Air Drive adjacent to J.H. Putman School...There is ample parking along Bel-Air Drive and in various surrounding lots and side streets...The central location also lends itself to public transit and bike options.

Registration: Sunday Sept 8, 2019 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Starts: Sunday Sept 8, 2019 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Time Limit: You have 90 minutes from your start to complete your course. Please remember to download after your finish. Controls will be picked up after the last finisher arrives or 2:00 pm ...which ever comes first! Feel free to join control pick-up if you have the time.

Hope you can join us.

Francis Kawam, Meet Director; Stephen Powell - Controller



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