If you participated in the O-Fest 2018 sprint then you're already familiar with this location but if you're here for the first time prepare yourself for a great sprint-style challenge.

Parc Moussette is one of Orienteering Ottawa's newest maps, created in 2018. The area offers a good mix of urban, semi-open, and forested terrain stretching about one and a half kilometers east-west along the Ottawa River in the historic Val-T├ętreau neighbourhood.

Participants have the choice of 4 sprint-style point to point courses: Novice, Intermediate, Short Advanced, Long Advanced

We are also offering a Farsta option, where individuals can run 3 loops consecutively - a one-man relay of sorts. We will have a Farsta mass-start at 12:30pm so if you're opting to run another course as well, please make sure you have enough time. There is no additional cost to also run the Farsta relay.

Don't forget that "sprint" orienteering does not require you run full-tilt. Sprint courses differ from the more traditional courses in a few different ways, including:

- The participant is required to make sharp turns and many direction changes throughout the course.

- Controls are typically easy to spot, but pay close attention to your control description! Are you on the correct side of the fence, for example.

- Don't out-run your brain! The scale of the map is larger, meaning you will reach your control sooner. Pay close attention to the map features (see sprint specific 'do not cross' symbols) and plan your route accordingly.

Remember that our sister club, Suncoast Orienteering, is hosting their kayak-canoe orienteering event Saturday, September 14th at 9:30am. Information for their event can be found here.

Hope to see you Sunday morning!

Jennie Anderson (Meet Director) & Karen Tippett (Controller)



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