Meet Director/Controller: Andrew Cornett and Cathy Bakker

We will be introducing a brand new ISSOM sprint map of the terrain bordering the Rideau River, from Beechwood northwest to Rideau Falls. HQ for the event will be the Royal Oak at 1 Beechwood Ave (corner of Beechwood and Crichton St., just east of the bridge across the Rideau River - ).

Parking is available in the lot just west of the Pub (enter from Crichton St.) or on surrounding residential streets. We will set 3 courses with lengths of approx. 2km, 4km, and (for the ambitious) 6km, as the crow flies. The short course will be suitable for children and families and will not involve any road crossings. We are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening.

Again please indicate your intent to participate by following this link.



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