Meet Director/Controller: Andrew Cornett and Cathy Bakker

Summer Orienteering

The 2019 summer sprint events will give you a chance to experience a sprint map in an urban setting .

Be Eco friendly and bring your water bottle. There will be no water on the courses. When the finish is at a restaurant or bar there will be water from a jug but no glasses - no garbage to leave behind at our host restaurants/bars.

All events will offer 2 courses - Long Sprint 3-4km, Short Sprint 2-3km. Those who wish a longer run can do the long and follow, if time allows, with the short.

Regular meet charges and season pass will apply. Please indicate your intent to participate by completing this form so we have an idea of numbers of maps to print.

Timing: Evening Event
Registration 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
First Start 6:30 pm
Start Interval 30 sec.
Last Start 7:15 pm
Course Closed 8 pm



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