Meet Director: Adrian Turcanu

Orienteering on a bike, i.e. riding while finding controls/flags located along the trails using a map and compass. Check out this article to get an idea...

Location : P1 Larose Forest


Registration starts at 10:00 AM. First start is at 10:30 and last start is at 11:30
Please indicate your 'intent to participate' by emailing Adrian with your course selection to ensure sufficient maps
At 13:30 the courses will be closed and participants are asked to report to the start/finish area
For people new to orienteering there will be a navigation clinic at 10:00.

Rules specific to MTB-O:

As a general rule for MTB-O, participants may only use trails and/or open areas (yellow). Crossing through the forest between trails is specifically not allowed (even for very short distances), unless specifically indicated on the map.

Course description:

The novice course is short and fun, suitable for kids, families and possibly for first timers as a "warmup" before attempting the "Short Advanced" course.

More advanced orienteering enthusiasts will realize that the challenge is not in finding the controls, but in choosing the route carefully. Please keep in mind the shortest route may not be the fastest. While the area is generally flat, some trails may still be twice or even 3 times as fast as others, so familiarity with the MTB-O trail legend may result in better decisions and faster legs.
The "short" course is on one map only and is in an area that is not technically demanding, while the long course has a map exchange, with the second being slightly more MTB-technical than the first.

Important! Please read the following safety notes carefully:

- advance courses will occasionally cross Indian Creek gravel road running north-south. Since this is not a transit road, virtually all the cars on that road are mountain bikers accessing the parking lots so they should be driving slow, but please pay attention when crossing the road.
- we could not design the courses to completely avoid parking areas, so please slow down to a safe speed when riding/crossing through the parking areas. Please respect this rule for your safety and for the safety of others.
- Please ride at a speed with which you are comfortable. Reading the map while riding adds an extra challenge, so a safe way to navigate is to stop and memorize (part of) the leg, then proceed with caution, taking only very short glimpses at the map.
- Probably needless to say: Please be courteous and don't play the game of chicken on the single track trails, as you may be meeting less experienced riders. This is not a super-competitive A meet; a pleasant experience for everyone will help promote MTB-O in the region.
- If you get injured or you see someone injured, please stop and help (also call 911 if the injury is serious).
- You must always report to the finish to let us know you are done (even if you don't complete the course). Otherwise we will start a search party to look for you.

The event is open to anyone regardless of age and ability:

- you don't need to be a member of any club or organization.

- you don't need to have any previous experience with orienteering. On-site volunteers will help you with introductory navigation.

(le français suit)



- easy navigation, use this course to get the hang of it if you are new to orienteering
- easy ride (non-technical)
- great for kids
- 10 - 20 minutes


- intermediate-level navigation
- MTB technical difficulty: medium
- 20 - 60 minutes


- intermediate-advanced level navigation (intricate trail network, lots of route choices)
- MTB technical difficulty: as hard as it gets in the area
- 50 - 90 minutes

Equipment Needed (besides a bike):

- A compass (bring your own or rent on site ($2))
- A whistle (bring your own or buy one on site ($2))
- Bike helmet
- A "dibbler" (electronic passport to record the controls you visited). Bring your own or rent one ($2)

Highly recommended:

- map holding system (can be anything from this system to this system or this available from O-Store)
- bug spray (mosquitos may circle if you stop to look at the map)
- water on the bike (there will be water at some controls along the long course, but having water on the bike is always prudent)


10 AM Registration opens; Navigation clinic opens
10:30 AM: first start, followed by subsequent starts at 2 minutes intervals, first come first served
11:30 PM: registration closes and last start
1:30 PM course closes

Important notes:

Controls are typically located on trails or open areas, always accessible by bike (you don't need to get off your bike to find the controls)

All participants must return to finish and check out before leaving. Safety is paramount, if we don't know that you are finished and >that you are safe, we will start a search party for you.

Following the meet - results will be posted at likely the same day. The next day check - to view the courses, select up to 10 competitors from a course and replay the race by simulating a “Mass Start” and more.

Want a challenge? Try this orienteering event on Saturday Oct 26 AND this MTB-O event on Sunday! People entered in both races, will get the discounted member's price for the Bike-O. The Bike-O is included in the season's pass for Orienteering Ottawa members.


Orienteering Ottawa ( organise une évènement d’orientation en vélo de montagne le dimanche 27 octobre.

C’est quoi le MTB-O?

L’orientation en vélo, c’est faire du vélo de montagne en trouvant les points de contrôles avec l’aide d’une boussole et une carte.

L’évènement est ouvert à tous:

- Vous n’avez pas besoin d’être member d’un quelconque club
- Vous n’avez pas besoin d’expérience en orientation. Les bénévoles sur place vous aideront avec l’aspect d’orientation.

Parcours: Il y a quelque chose pour tous.


- Navigation facile, choisissez ce parcours si vous êtes nouveaux à la course d’orientation
- Sentiers non-techniques
- 10-20 minutes


- Navigation niveau intermédiaire
- Sentiers de difficultés modérés
- 20-60 minutes


- Navigation plus poussée (intermédiaire-avancée – plusieurs choix de parcours et haute densité de sentiers)
- Niveau technique difficile
- 40-90 minutes

Équipement nécessaire (autre qu’un vélo)

- une boussole – la votre ou louez-en une pour 2$
- un sifflet – le votre ou louez-en un pour 2$
- un casque
- une carte à puce – apportez la votre, ou louez-en une pour 2$

Hautement recommandé:

- système pour tenir la carte (comme ci ou ça ou ca disponible depuis O-Store)
- du chasse moustique (elles vous mangeront lorsque vous êtes sur place…)
- de l’eau avec vous (il y aura de l’eau disponible à certains points de contrôles)


10 am: Clinique de navigation pour débutants
10 am: L’inscription commence
10:30 am: premier départ à intervalles de 2 minutes.
11:30 pm: L’inscription ferme
13:30 pm: parcours ferme


SVP envoyez un courriel à Adrian Turcanu pour qu’il puisse imprimer assez de carte. L’inscription sera le jour même

Notez bien:

Tous les participants doivent retourner à l’arrivé pour un check-out avant de partir. La sécurité des participants est primordiale, si nous croyons que vous n’avez pas fini le parcours, nous allons commencer un groupe de recherché pour vous.

Voulez-vous un défi?

Essayez une course d’orientation à pied le samedi 26 octobre ET notre évènement en vélo de montagne le jour après! Ceux et celles qui inscrivent pour les deux évènements pourront s’inscrire avec les prix membres pour le dimanche et seront éligible pour le titre Roi et Reine du Parc de la Gatineau. Le MTB-O est inclus dans la passe de saison de membres.



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