Organizers: Jeff Teutsch (Coach), Jennie Anderson (Coach)

Map: Timm Drive

Parking and meeting point: We will park and meet at Greenbelt parking lot P4 on Timm Drive near Haanel Drive. The pin in the map below is in the exact location.


** This training will be on a new version of this map with extra accurate mapping of vegetation! **

The intermediate group will be building on the 'thumbing along' practice from September 19th at Burnt Lands. This week the group will focus not just on 'thumbing along' but also specifically on reading and interpreting vegetation on the map and in the terrain. This group will go out with a coach to start and will then have the opportunity to try this on their own if they wish.

The advanced and high performance groups will have courses where they will work on detailed / precision navigation among complex vegetation with some nice open woods thrown in for a change of pace. As usual there will be several loops.

HPP and Train to Train program athletes will start with a group warm-up that anyone is welcome to join.

A reminder to please e-mail Jeff Teutsch at by noon on Thursday to reserve a map. We do not guarantee maps for those that don't send an e-mail.

Note: Everyone should have a headlamp for this practice (we strongly recommend one with at least 1000 lumens) as it will be getting dark before the end of the session. If you have any questions about purchasing a headlamp please let us know.



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