Meet Director: Liran Raz; Controller: Cherie Revells

Our second event this Fall will be on the Graham Creek map in the west end. The courses run through the parks and streets of the Qualicum neighbourhood. The map scale is 1:5,000. Please respect all private property.. Parking is at St. Paul High School at 2675 Draper Avenue.

The event will be following Orienteering Canada’s COVID-19 procedures and public health guidelines to keep everyone safe. Please thoroughly read Orienteering Ottawa’s COVID-19 event modifications

Some important COVID-19 notes

  • You must pre-register online before showing up on Sunday! When registering, you will select a 15 minute start window between 10 and 11:45 am. This will ensure that people are sufficiently distanced at the start and finish areas. The start interval is one minute. To register, please go to: Registration will close at 8pm Saturday.
  • There will be no water/refreshments on course or at the finish!
  • Bring a mask! A mask to wear before and after your course. Plan to carry your mask as you will need it at the start and put it back on at the download.
  • There are no toilets.
  • The start will be located north of the parking lot in the sports field. The check-in tent and SI download will be between the start and finish in the parking lot.

Here are the courses offered. Intermediate level orienteers could try an advanced course on this map if they would like a longer course.

Novice 2 km 11 controls
Intermediate 3.5 km 9 controls
Short Advanced 5.1 km 15 controls
Long Advanced 7.1 km 21 controls

See you on Sunday!

Liran Raz, course setter, Cherie Revells, controller



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