Map: Bilberry Creek

Meet Director/Controller Andrew Cornett & Cathy Bakker

Our next event of the Fall Season will be on the Bilberry Creek map, newly created last year. The event centre will be next to École élémentaire catholique Reine-des-Bois, 1450 Duford Drive in Orleans. Ample parking is available at the school. Four courses have been set for you to explore:

Novice 1.8km 11 controls map scale 1/5,000
Intermediate 3.8km 13 controls map scale 1/7,500
Short Advanced 4.4km 17 controls map scale 1/7,500
Long Advanced 6.6km 23 controls map scale 1/7,500

Participants should come prepared to negotiate steep, forested terrain. Footware with cleats or spikes are recommended, particularly if it is raining or has rained recently. Poison ivy and ticks have been observed while course setting, so please dress accordingly. Bilberry Creek features a dense trail network that is heavily used by local residents, so please respect others while out on your course.

Register for the event is on-line only and deadline is 8pm Saturday. - Members only. See full COVID protocals for this event.

We hope to see you out this Sunday!



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