Map: Wesley Clover Parks - Corkstown Rd


Due to the new restrictions on the other side of the river, this weekend’s event has been moved to Wesley Clover Parks. Orienteering Ottawa is keeping up-to-date with current restrictions by both the province and the city regarding outdoor events, paying attention to the advice for sports in particular. We continue to evolve our processes to make sure participants and volunteers are as safe as possible with regards to COVID. We feel that we can add a few more times slots to our remaining events and still keep social distancing as required. Please continue to avoid hanging around the registration/start/finish areas so we keep below the 25 people outdoor limit.
The woods in Wesley Clover are nice and open with a carpet of leaves on the ground. The terrain is a mix of technically challenging rocky terrain and flat woods with an extensive trail network. With the recent rain, the marshes are full and some of the trails are wet as well. The forecast is looking cool but no rain, so it should be a great weekend to get out and enjoy the woods.
We are starting at the Wesley Clover Main Entrance at 401 Corkstown Road (not the campground):
We are not allowed in the campground and it is marked as out-of-bounds on the map.

Health Declaration Forms
1) The usual one required by our insurance: English francais
2) This one from Ottawa Public Health required by Wesley Clover: English francais

Our Courses
Novice 2.4 km, 13 controls
Navigating in open fields and on trails only.
Intermediate 3.5 km, 13 controls
Navigating in open fields and to controls slightly off trails.
Short Advanced and Long Advanced – Special Notes
Both these courses require crossing the fence and railroad tracks that cross through the map. There are too openings marked on the map with the crossing symbol. One is on a trail, the other is hard to see coming from the train tracks, as such, it has been marked with pink flagging tape visible from the train tracks.Inline image
Both these courses venture near the campground which is out-of-bounds.If you accidentally find yourself at the campground don’t be shocked -- there is a haunted drive set up that will be going on in the evening.
Short Advanced 4.4km, 13 controls
Mostly off trails with detailed navigation required. There are many trails nearby and there is good visibility in the woods so if you have been on Intermediate but are wanting to try some more difficult orienteering it would be a good time for the challenge.
Long Advanced 7.3km, 19 controls
Mostly off trails with detailed navigation required.
Have fun!
Cherie Revells, course setter
James Richardson, controller



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