Map: March Highlands

Course Setter : Philippe Turcanu ; Controller : Adrian Turcanu

The registration for this event is now open and closes at 8pm Saturday.

This week’s meet will be held at the March Highlands! Although this area has been used quite a bit since the O-Fest debut in 2012, I am very excited to bring you course styles that I believe you will all enjoy!

This weekend we are offering the standard 4 courses as per usual. Here are some individual details for each course below. Please note that the start is going to be located about 1km south of the main entrance (and registration area) to the March Highlands (corner of Klondike and Second Road). Please pay attention to your start windows and plan your time according to your start window.

Beginner - 3.3km 11c/ Intermediate 3.6km 12c

As you know, March Highlands is a very popular destination for mountain bikers and walkers. This week’s beginner course follows the beautiful trail network. Please use caution on the trails as there are many bikers and walkers and runners. Remember to share the trails!

Short Advanced - 4.8km 12c

This weekend’s short advanced course is a fairly technical course. The distance is on the longer side and there are relatively few control points. This means that there are quite a few longer legs making this a classic style course.

Long Advanced - 8.9km 25c

This weekend’s long advanced is on the longer side. There are a lot of combinations of short legs and long legs making this a very fun and challenging course. I STRONGLY advise runners on this course to bring water with them.

There will be loose descriptions with all of the courses. I am very excited for this event and I look forward to seeing you all there.

We remind everyone once again that it is important to follow club protocol regarding COVID safety measures, and especially important as the COVID case numbers in Ottawa are high:

  • Bring your Declaration of Health dated for the day of the event - English French
  • Wear your mask masks from when you arrive at the event site until you start out on your course; carry the mask with you on course and put it back on when you finish, well before you approach the download.
  • Do not linger in the check-in / finish area before or after the race unless you are there in an official capacity.
  • Move away from control sites immediately after punching the control.

Philipe Turcanu and Adrian Turcanu



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