Organizers: Jeff Teutsch (Coach), Stefan Bergstrom (Coach)

Map: Bilberry Creek


Pre-registration is required and costs $15 per session or is $80 for the 8 weeks of fall practices (but pre-registration is still required). In order to guarantee that you get a freshly printed map please register by noon on Thursday. We will do our best to accommodate those that register Thursday afternoon by sharing maps.

Register now

Purchase a Fall practice pass - This link will only worked for logged in club members that have signed the waiver this year. If you're having trouble make sure you are logged in and try signing the waiver.

All participants must fill out a health declaration on Thursday before the practice.

Parking and meeting point:

We will meet at the parking lot at the junction of Silver Bark Ave and Des Épinettes Ave. See google maps here.

Practice details:

This week we are back in the forest. In preparation for Ottawa O-Fest this weekend we will go through / practice the start procedure you will see this weekend at O-Fest. When you arrive you will choose your course and your start time (between 6:50 and 7:10). The start will be a little distance away from the meeting spot and you will only get your map at your start time. The rest of the procedure will be explained thoroughly, along with tips on how to handle it and get the most out of it, on Thursday.

The advanced course is 2.7km and the intermediate course 1.9km with an option to cut off a large loop if you wish. The course are short and a little on the easy side but it's dark and the focus is on the warm-up and start procedure.

All participants should also bring a compass (we will have a few extras if you don't have one) and, optionally, a control description holder. We will not be using SI timing.



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