Organizer: Tomas Graham (Event Director)

Map: Longfields Park

Good Eeeevening! MwaHaHaHa!

Halloween is coming up this weekend. And with it, Orienteering Ottawa's Vampire-O!

This is a fun, spooky, nighttime event for kids and families alike. We encourage you to come on out! Participants will be hunting for orienteering flags throughout Ken Ross Park in Barrhaven. But you need to watch out for VAMPIRES who will steal your points and turn you into a vampire if they catch you! You can also protect yourself with "the cross", "the garlic chain", or "holy water" which can be found on the course. But be warned, taking them will also slow you down!

Event Details

Here are the key things you need to know if you want to participate:

  • When: Friday October 29th, in the evening:
    • On site check in opens at 5:00
    • Instructions start at 6:15
    • The course starts at 6:30 and finishes at 7:15
    • Check-in will take time so arrive early
  • Where: the event is at Ken Ross Park
  • You must register online by 1:00 PM on Friday!
    • Participants with a Free Family Entry coupon may bring one non-family member if they'd like. If it is the non-family-member's first Orienteering Ottawa event, they must have a waiver completed for them when they register (the parent/guardian of the coupon holder may sign the waiver on their behalf). All participants must also complete a declaration of health before attending the event.
  • If you have not signed our waiver this year, do so here
  • You will need to fill out this health declaration form on Friday for each person who is participating
  • A family can participate as a team or as individuals
  • Costumes are encouraged!
  • What should I bring?
    • Headlamp
    • Whistle
    • Running shoes
    • Weather-appropriate clothing
    • Facemask (you may remove your mask while you are on the course)

What is a Vampire-O?

Format: This is a "Score-O" event. That means you may visit the controls in any order. Instead of using electronic control sticks, this event uses old fashioned punch cards given out at the start. At each control, there will be a pin punch for you to mark your punch card. Be sure to punch in the correct box on your punch card (i.e. the one that matches the control number). Control numbers, codes, and descriptions are printed on the map.

Points: You get 10 points for each correct punch on the control card you bring to the finish.

Timing: There is a 45-minute time limit to return to the finish. If you take over 45 minutes, you lose 10 points for each minute or part of a minute you're late! We will sound a horn when time expires. Vampires may continue to lurk outside the "safe zone" after the time limit.

Tricks: One or more controls may be "tricks" which are worth 0 points!

Treats: One or more controls may be "treats" which are worth 20 points instead of 10!

Maps: All participants will line up about 5 minutes before the start and have a map put face down in front of them. When the meet director yells “Go”, then you may look at your map. Both orienteers and vampires get a map.

Start procedure: Everyone will line up on the start line and hold one hand behind their back. The meet director will place a punch card in your hand. When they yell "Go", look at your card. If it is a standard punch card, you may pick up your map and begin orienteering immediately. If it says "Vampire" on it, wait at the line. The meet director will then give you a laser pointer. Vampires will be allowed to leave the start exactly 5 minutes after the mass start.

Vampires: Vampires must try to tag orienteers with the red beam from their Vampire laser. Be fair and honest in claiming and admitting to tags. If there is doubt, Vampire calls it. A good tag should be no more than 15 meters (50 feet). When tagged, the Vampire takes the victim's control card and gives victim the Vampire flashlight. The victim is now the new Vampire; the former Vampire is now an ordinary orienteer. The new Vampire may not tag the person who vamped them.

Immunity: The following items will be placed at random controls to be picked up and carried as protection from Vampires:

  • Cross: A 2-meter tall wooden cross
  • Holy water: A sealed 10-liter jug of water (void if opened or punctured)
  • Garlic chain: A 3-metre, 20-pound steel chain

Vampires may not tag an orienteer carrying a valid protection. If a Vampire finds an untended protection, they may not touch or move it. Individual orienteers may set their protection on the ground while punching, but must remain within 2 meters to be protected. The protection may not be stolen while the orienteer is punching. If you are orienteering in a group, one group member must hold the protection at all times and all group members must stay within 5 meters to be protected. If you decide to discard a protection that you have been carrying, you must leave it at a control.

Safe zone: The Start/Finish area will be marked with tape. Vampires may not enter (or shine their light into) this zone.

Event area: All of the controls are located within the park boundaries (Longfields Dr., Berrigan Dr., Claridge Dr., and Silver Sage Ave.). Participants must stay in the event area at all times.



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