Map: Foley Mountain Conservation Area

This is a beautiful area for orienteering that includes forested and open terrain with easy running as well as some rocky ground where the footing is trickier. There is a good network of trails that are in the area as well. Fall colours have certainly peaked but there is still some colour left. Please read the parking comments below carefully.


  • as you drive in to the conservation area, you will pass a stop sign where another sign indicates that you need to purchase a park pass. You do not need to purchase a pass; we will give you a parking pass to display on your dash when you register at the desk for the event.
  • as you continue along the road you will pass a parking lot on your right. DO NOT PARK THERE as it is heavily used by day hikers who come to enjoy the view from Spy Rock.
  • you can park anywhere along the side of the road from the Spy Rock parking lot to the group camping parking lot that is on your left. Some parking is also available in the group camping parking lot. The start and finish areas will be at the group camping area.
  • there is also some parking along the road after the group camping area as well as overflow parking at the Interpretive Centre at the end of the road (approx 1 km).
  • there are pylons along the sides of the roadway indicating where parking is permitted.

Courses: we have the following 4 standard courses:

  1. Novice - 3.0 km with 12 controls along trails,
  2. Intermediate - 3.5 km with 12 controls along trails or just off trails,
  3. Advanced Short - 4.6 km with 15 controls, and
  4. Advanced Long - 7.3 km with 19 controls.

More info on Foley Mountain:

Registration will open Thursday morning and close Saturday midnight.

Peter Laurich, Anne Teutsch and the rest of the event teams.



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