Map: Wesley Clover Parks - Corkstown Rd

Meet Director: Bert Waslander | Controller: Adrian Turcanu

Runner, vampire or no-show at Thomas's Halloween party this Friday night, all are welcome at Wesley Clover Park on Sunday October 31.

We are presenting a standard local orienteering meet with four courses for all tastes and skill levels. But it is not without scary challenges: large flocks of geese may well assail you as you cross the wide pasture to the park proper, and this while you keep looking down to avoid the many puddles. This has been a wet fall, and drainage is poor in this area.

And then there are more challenges: Is that just a rocky plate or is there a trail? Who put that loose rock on the direct line to my next control? And do they want me to go down that mini-escarpment right here? Ah, those are the things that make orienteering worth doing.

Here's what's on offer:

  • Beginners: 2.2 km, 8 controls
  • Intermediate: 3.1 km, 12 controls
  • Short Advanced: 4.2 km, 14 controls
  • Long advanced: 5.8 km, 19 controls.

And please remember: The campground is out of bounds, as our map shows. The campground has been turned into a Halloween circuit with car wrecks and ghosts. fascinating, for sure, but please check it out only after your run!

There may be some trail maintenance going on. We don't expect this on Sunday, but if they are working, please stay well clear of the heavy equipment. The operators may not see you even if you see them.

Come and join us on Sunday!

Bert Waslander and Adrian Turcanu



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