Map: Rockliffe Park

Meet Director: Ian Boelens | Controller: Bill Anderson

This is the fourth and final Summer Solstice series race so it's the last chance to boost your series score! Be prepared for all sorts of terrain as this course has got a little bit of everything from parks to forests to residential areas, on trails to off trail as well as paved paths and roads, We’re returning to Rockcliffe Park and, for those of you who will need to collect every control, the Rockcliffe Rockeries too. The two areas are combined into one updated map with some new features for you to find!


  • Registration: 5:30 - 6:30 PM
  • Handing out of maps and Director’s notes: 6:40 PM
  • Mass start: 6:45 PM
  • Finish: 7:45 PM


Parking will be at Rockcliffe Park P1 which is the second of the two parking lots (not the one by the pavilion). See map for directions linked here.

Event Notes

There are no bathroom facilities at the start. Beware of poison ivy and check for ticks. We recommend washing your shoes and clothing right after the event. We expect many orienteers will finish in under an hour so make sure to get back early for those extra points!

There are a number of roads to cross though all of the novice controls can be reached without crossing any roads. The Sir George-Étienne Cartier Pkwy is mapped as out of bounds except in two spots that are clearly labeled on the map. Please be careful when crossing!

New to the Solstice Series?

Read the rules of the race here and calculate your handicap.

Ian Boelens (Meet Director/Course Setter) & Bill Anderson (Controller)



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