Map: Nakkertok South

The fall colours are at their height, the bugs are gone and the snow has yet to fall. This is the perfect time to run in the challenging terrain of the Nakkertok ski club.

We have four courses on offer:

  • Beginner, 2.3km, 60m climb and 13 controls;
  • Intermediate, 3.5km, 65m climb and 10 controls;
  • Short Advanced, 3.8km, 70m climb and 11 controls
  • Long Advanced, 6km, 135m climb and 14 controls.

Nakkertok has many ski trails, sometimes so many it’s hard to keep track so pay attention. There are also many snow shoe trails but these are often hard to see on the ground and are usually not mapped.

The weather should be great so come out and enjoy the day in the forest!

Meet directors/course setters; Pavlo Ignatusha, Petr Polivka, Controller; Richard Guttormson

There could be a treat when you finish



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