Map: Constance Bay

Be ready as on Sunday, April 23rd Orienteering Ottawa is back to our usual spring opening location, the Torbolton Forest in Constance Bay. We have a full slate of courses to be run on a nice dry forest floor that drains quickly due to the sandy soil.

The course lengths will be approximately as follows.

Novice 3.0 km and 12 controls
Intermediate 3.3 km and 12 controls
Short Advanced 5.1 km and 16 controls
Long Advanced 8.0 km and 23 controls
For those people orienteering in Constance Bay for the first time, a helpful hint is to keep your eyes open for game trails in the denser areas of the forest. You may just find one going your way!

Registration will be open from 10 to 11:00 AM. Courses will open at 10:15 AM and close at 2 PM. Please be sure to download when you are finished, even if you don't complete your course.

If you have not yet renewed your membership, signed the waiver or still wish to purchase a season's pass, we recommend you do this online. See information on these on our website under 'Join Us'. It will speed up your registration and the registration for others. Please be sure to do so by noon Saturday to ensure the event registration system is updated with your information. This is not to suggest non-members are not welcome. Yes, entry is open to all..

Payment can be by debit card, credit card or cash (please bring change). For full information about our Spring Series visit our website.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Paul Lefebvre, Meet Director and Mary-Ellen Connolly, Controller



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