Map: Chapel Hill

Sunday’s event will use the very good Chapel Hill map created by Jeff Teutsch for the 2019 O-Fest, and updated several times thereafter by others. This year’s updates attempt to capture some of the derecho damage from 2022. Fortunately, this damage is largely confined to a less-interesting portion of the map, and the rest of the more complex forested terrain is wide open, offering excellent visibility and runability. The forested area features an extensive network of ravines with steep side slopes that can be tricky to negotiate especially following heavy rain, and should influence route choice. Footwear with good traction is strongly recommended! While most of the terrain is dry, the water features (marshes, ponds) at this time of year are larger and more numerous than mapped. There is one wet and muddy area that runners on the Novice, Intermediate, Long and Extra-Long Advanced courses will encounter early in their courses. Wise participants will bring spare socks and dry shoes to wear after their run.

Five courses have been set for you to discover as follows...

  • novice 2.4 km 14 checkpoints map scale 1/5000
  • intermediate 4.3km 12 checkpoints scale 1/7500
  • short advanced 4.4 13 checkpoints scale 1/7500
  • long advanced 6.5 19 checkpoints scale 1/7500
  • extra long 7.9 24 checkpoints scale 1/7500

On-site registration will be at Forest Valley Elementary School, 1570 Forest Valley Drive in Orleans. Exit Hwy 174 on Jeanne d'Arc southbound. The local event coordinator has kindly secured permission from the school board to park on-site and access the washrooms through the front entrance of the school from 10-noon. No cleats, spikes or muddy shoes inside please! Additional parking is available at Chapel Hill Catholic School (300 m N), Heritage Park (500m NE) or on local residential streets.

Meet Director/Controller Cathy Bakker. Andrew Cornett



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