Map: Constance Bay

After a relatively short winter with few orienteering possibilities, we have our traditional spring opening event this Sunday in Constance Bay at the Community Centre.

We are doing something special this Sunday by having a Mass Start for the Short and Long Advanced Courses at 10:30am. This will be a farsta style event with lots of forking such that each competitor will have a slightly different map. That means blindly following the person in front will bring you to the wrong control flag at times. So, as always, pay attention to your map and control codes.

That should make this a fun event where you will be able to reconnect with your fellow orienteers before and after the event as well as see them occasionally out on the course due to the many short legs.

The Novice and Intermediate Courses will be the standard staggered starts at 10:35am.

If you would like to purchase an annual Club membership and/or a Season Pass in time for this event, you have to do this online before Noon on Saturday, April 13th. Also make sure you have signed the Annual Waiver before that time. After this time, the online process will closed until Sunday afternoon and you will need to register and pay for a day membership. The season's pass can be purchased on the membership form but if you are already a member you can purchase it seperately here.

Event timing:

Short (4.6km - 20 controls) And Long (6.7km - 28 controls) Course Mass Start:

Registration: 9:45 - 10:20am

Map Distribution: 10:25am

Mass Start: 10:30am

Novice (2.8km - 12 controls) and Intermediate Courses (3.2km - 12 controls):

Registration and Starts: 10:30 - 11:00am

All courses close at 2pm. Make sure that you download, even if you don't finish the course.

The weather looks perfect for Orienteering this Sunday, so we look forward to seeing you there.

Paul Lefebvre Meet Director

Mary-Ellen Connolly Controller



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