Map: Lansdowne Park

Due to the forecast of up to 20 cm of snow on Thursday, April 4, the orienteering training on April 4 is postponed to April 11. The planned training at Lansdown park will be used on April 11.

The first Thursday night Orienteering practice for the season is this Thursday, April 11th at 6:30PM at Lansdowne Park. Please meet on the east side of the Aberdeen Pavilion (cattle castle)

We will get back into map reading, specifically reading ahead while running. There will be four short courses of 1-1.5km on different parts of the 1:4,000 scale sprint map.

If you plan to come please send an email to by Wednesday noon to make sure there is a map waiting for you.
The cost is $10 per session (please bring cash and exact change), or you can purchase a practice pass for $50 covering all eight sessions.

Team Canada members can participate free of charge.

At all sessions there will be a sign-in sheet. Please sign in when arriving and sign-out before leaving so we know that everyone is back and no one left on the course.



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