This week’s Sunday event is in the area behind the Richcraft Recreation Complex in Kanata. We are starting at the small parking lot just East of the complex (See map below). There is also lots of parking on the road or in the bigger parking lot.

This is a map that we seldom use anymore due to the encroaching housing developments. It is a small map, so the courses are set as middle-distance races to prepare for this summer’s Canadian Orienteering Festival.

Course distances:

  • Novice: 1.9km, 13 controls
  • Intermediate: 2.1km, 10 controls
  • Short Advanced: 2.7km, 13 controls
  • Long Advanced: 4.9km, 16 controls

** If you prefer a longer course, the short and long advanced share just a couple of controls, so if you want to run both check-in with the organizers when you get back.

Special notes:

  • Do you normally run intermediate? This would be a nice little course to try an advanced course. It is an enclosed area and the controls are not too difficult.
  • The marshes on the map are not accurately mapped, but there are marshes. :-)
  • This is a great location for families! Stick around afterwards and enjoy the basketball courts, playground, skateboard park, or public swimming (starting at 1:30).

A little about middle distance races…

At ‘bigger’ orienteering events there are often three races:

  • Sprint races are short and fast-paced, typically taking place in urban areas with intricate navigation and a recommended winning time of 12-15 minutes
  • Middle races are of medium length, emphasizing technical navigation through detailed terrain. Recommended winning time: 25-35 minutes
  • Long races cover longer distances and more varied terrain, often requiring strategic route choices. Recommended winning time: 55-90 minutes (age-dependent)

This Sunday’s course will be flat terrain and not too technical, but there are lots of controls and changes of direction similar to middle distance races.

A little more about the Canadian Orienteering Festival this summer…

The club is encouraging all of our Sunday morning regulars to participate in the Canadian Orienteering Festival this summer from August 3 – 11. You do not need to attend the full week - come for the last weekend only at Calabogie or run the mid-week urban races in Kingston. The festival includes the Canadian and North American Championships, but since orienteering is such a niche sport anybody can participate in these races even if you are recreational only. Questions? Ask any of the organizers this Sunday and they should be able to answer your questions. :-)

See you Sunday!

Cherie Revells (course setter) and Rikard Andersson (controller)



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