Map: Wesley Clover Parks - Corkstown Rd

We will be at Wesley Clover park. Park at the Kanata Nordic ski club.

Unfortunately, our meet director , Liran, has been taken ill and will not be out. If you could help with collecting controls, controller, Rich Guttormson, would be pleased to hear from you . Please let him know. He will be at the start.

We will use the forest around the campsite with some controls on the north, newer section, of the map. The campsites are marked out-of-bounds. Please respect these markings. Note there are snowshoe trails that are not marked on the map.

Portions of the course (especially on the long course) have controls close to each other. Be sure to check the control numbers to avoid mispunches.

Course information:

  • Novice 2.1 km, 11 Controls
  • Intermediate 3.3 km, 12 Controls
  • Short 4.3 km, 15 Controls
  • Long 6.8 km, 20 Controls

Safety bearing: head south to the Road.

If you are interested in helping pick up controls after the event you can contact us on Sunday.

Hope to see you there

Liran & Richard.



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