Map: Foley Mountain Conservation Area

Site of the 2017 Canadian Orienteering Championships, Foley Mountain returns like you've never experienced before! The map is significantly refreshed after a Spring 2024 update. Even Foley veterans can prepare for a novel challenge with several captivating expansions featured. Expect fast paced action as the courses have been set to maximize the most runnable forest.

Final Updates:

Forecast for tomorrow is clear with a range of 19-22 °C. Start early for cooler temps!
Parking is along the North side of the road West of the Group Camp Site here.
The parking fee is included in your registration, no action required at the kiosk on your way in.
Intermediate through Expert courses will have water available at appropriate intervals.
Maps are looking crisp. For advanced runners, compass work when crossing subtle terrain into the attack will be critical.

Course Details

  • Novice - 2.3 km, 11 controls
  • Intermediate - 3.3 km, 14 controls
  • Short Advanced - 3.4 km 10 controls
  • Long Advanced - 7.5 km 18 controls
  • Expert - 11.5km 29 controls
All courses cross Foley Mountain Lane at least once. There is no designated crossing as it's a low traffic dirt road but please take care nonetheless. Advanced course lengths are on the longer end as runability on all courses is high. The Short is largely flat and entirely avoids the rocky ground typical for Foley. The Long is a significant step up featuring more elevation and rock. The Expert is intended for those running elite at the upcoming 2024 Canadian Orienteering Festival.

Map Notes:

Topographic features have been overhauled with shape and accuracy greatly improved thanks to fresh lidar data recently made available just last year. Vegetation and rock details have been touched up in places however the 2017 fieldchecking largely remains. The map has been extended in a couple directions previously not fieldchecked.

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Looking forward to it!

Eric Kemp (meet director) and Randy Kemp (controller)



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