Map: Vincent Massey

June 4th will be the start of the Summer Solstice Score-O season and will be held at Mooney’s Bay. The registration/start area will be at the south end of the Mooney’s Bay Beach Parking lot, just North of the little burger cantine. (45.367345478110316, -75.69150814758005)

If the weather is as good as planned, expect filled parking lots. For those who can, choose to bike/walk/bus/paddle board. For those who drive, there are extra pay parking lots in the area and there is also street parking across Riverside Dr on Ridgewood Ave.

Please fill out your score adjustment form in advance. The registration volunteers will have a lot to do, so that will help.

The course will be a standard 28 control 60 minute Score-O. A refresher on the mechanics of the Solstice Meets can be found on the club’s

We have been short of maps 3 times this season, as it is difficult to guess how many people will come to any one event. PLEASE help us out by telling us you are thinking of coming by clicking 'Yes' on the attached Google Form for each participant. Even if you change your mind later, that is okay, as we would rather have a few extra maps than being short. These are anonymous forms and the email addresses are not collected.

Some key elements to note:

  • This is a 1 hour race, there will be NO WATER on the course. Please bring a water bottle with you if you think you will need it due to the warm temperatures. There will be water at the finish, and you can always take a dive at the beach to cool yourself !
  • Hog’s Back and Heron Road are both marked as uncrossable on the map except at distinct crossing points (three tunnels). Even with these restrictions, please exercise caution when crossing minor roads and parking lots. Be especially careful when crossing bike paths as there can be some very fast bike traffic. There is also a closed section on the North end of the map. As always, please respect all forbidden zones.
  • Reminder that Olive Green is Impassable in ScoreO events
  • There will be lots of people having a picnic, a relaxing walk or a game. Be respectful of their space. This is a good opportunity to expose our sport, not to ruin our reputation.
  • Don’t forget your towel (if you want to take a swim in the river at the finish) !

Also note that it is very important that you wear a watch at these events so that you can avoid penalties and be back to allow the event team to collect controls before dark.

Finally please make note of the event schedule.

5:30 - 6:30 Registration desk is open

6:15 Mini clinic for families and newcomers

6:40 Instructions and Map distribution

6:45 Start

7:45 - 8 pm Finish - exact time will depend on the start.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Sam Morfin (Meet Director) / Paul Lefebvre (Meet Director / Tutor / Controller)


45.367345478110316, -75.69150814758005



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