Map: Greens Creek

The results of the Summer Solstice event #1 at Mooney's Bay are now posted. Our second SS event will be at Green's Creek in Bearbrook this Tuesday evening. Following that meet we will be posting accumulated points from the 2 meets - but it does take a few days to compile these so look for them toward the end of the week.

For this SS meet 2 here are a few notes from the meet team:

  • Expect to get wet and muddy. Many paths are filled with water, the ravines are slippery.
  • Long pants (for undergrowth vegetation) and sleeves (to protect from mosquitos) are advisable.
  • Soccer fields are marked Out of Bounds - please do not cross them.
  • As always - bring a watch and water bottle and check for ticks following the event.
  • There will be a mini clinic at 6:15 and at that time, youngsters and novice orienteers can get a chance to review the map.

At the Hornets Nest main parking: We will be gathering near the south end of the parking lot.

Meet Director Rita Zsok Controller Oliver Tabay



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