Petr Polivka will be setting the course on a new map - Beryl Gaffney - in Manotick. Stefan will be controller.

Summer Solstice Series

The OOC Summer Solstice Series consists of Score-O events held Tuesday evenings in Ottawa parks in June. The meets are Score-O's where each participant visits as many controls as possible within the given time. The controls can be visited in any order and the time limit is one hour. Bonuses are given for getting all the controls in under the hour.

Meeting Point: The map below indicates only the general area of the event. In the week before the event, the map will be adjusted to display the exact details of our meeting point and other meet specifics will be posted.

Registration : 5:30 pm - 6:30. Mass start 6:45.

Finish : 1 hour after actual start. 2 point penalty for each minute late.

A n adjustment system based on age, gender and experience is used to 'level the field' so that while strong experienced orienteers will have to strive to get all the controls, youngsters, oldsters and newcomers can enjoy working toward goals more suited to them. Be sure to complete this form online before your first meet. It can be found on the Summer Solstice page .(en francais)

Be sure to bring a watch to each event.

Your score for the series is your best 3 events.

Safety and Ethics: We encourage you to read our Safety and Ethics page to ensure a safe and enjoyable run.



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