Map: Cité des Jeunes

With NAOC approaching, there is a need to start refining faster running speed while working on orienteering technique. For this reason, the training is going to focus on compass bearings and pushing the running pace while running the compass bearings.

We will be meeting here: 149-171 Rue du Plein-Air, Gatineau, QC J8Z 2T3. Park on the residential streets.

The plan is to have 8 intervals of varying length pushing the compass bearings speed. The idea is to treat this like an interval workout and to try to push the pace of the forest running speed while keeping the compass bearing there. The control locations will be mostly on trails so it is very forgiving but you will want to have a very aggressive forest route. The easy control locations make it so that you do not have to worry about getting lost if you lose track a little bit or if the running speed is too much, find what your max running speed on bearing is this Thursday!

Please send an email to that you are coming so that we have enough maps. If you don’t have a Practice Pass or are a Team Canada member the cost is $10. Please bring cash and exact change.

See you all Thursday!



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